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When we started our electrician company years ago, we started with two major philosophies in mind. First, we made sure that our service was the best on the market using only the highest electrical supplies and materials on the market. Second, we promised to always keep the customer’s needs above and beyond any other consideration.

Many years later, we have been able to uphold these promises, even as our company has expanded beyond the Jackson area. Our commitment to customers and quality is what has helped us grow into the best electrician company in Jackson, and will help us continue to grow into the future.

One of the paradigms that is important to us is the ability to perform any electrical job that is put in front of us. Some electrician companies only tend to certain types of electrical jobs or use only certain materials. Electrician Pros Jackson hangs its hat on the ability to perform ANY electrical installation service out there, no matter the scope or size of the project or the budget – big or small. Our owners have good relationships with manufacturers and distributors to ensure that we use only the highest quality electrical materials on the market, and pass on the knowledge and expertise to you, the customer, so you can be an expert on your home electrical setup as well.

We take pride in having the most expertise and knowledge of any electrician company in the northern New York state area. Customer satisfaction and quality craftsmanship – now that’s a motto we can hang our hat on.

Call Electrician Pros Jackson today to learn why we are the top company in Jackson for all your electrician service needs, and why so many Jackson residents have turned to us for new electrical repairs and maintenance in their Jackson home!

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Electrician Pros Jackson offer a wide range of electrical services to residents throughout the region. Browse our services listed below & please contact our electricians to see how we can help!

• Electrical Automations
• Electrical Installation Service
• Electrical Installation
• Electrical Panel Upgrade
• Electrical Remodeling
• Electrical Repairs
• Electrical Rewiring

• Electrical Panels
• Electrical SubPanel
• Electrician Lighting
• Ceiling Fan Installation
• Smoke Detector Installation

• Electrical Repair and Installation
• Circuits and Wiring
• Surge Protection
• Appliance Hook Ups
• Pool and Hot Tub Hook Ups
•100 & 200 Amp Service
• Ceiling Fan Wiring
• EV Chargers
• Knob and Tube Upgrades
• Lighting Installation
• Outlet and Switch Maintenance
• Install ground wire
• Install light fixtures
• Install electric car charger
• Install security system
• Install outlets or switches
• Repair light fixtures
• Install light fixtures
• Relocate outlets or switches
• Repair panel
• Replace or upgrade panel
• Restore power
• Install outdoor lighting

Our Jackson Customer Reviews

Due to some recent home improvements, I had two electrical issues. First, the fuse box switch directed to the heater was in off position and wouldn’t turn on. The wall heater was removed and I wasn’t sure the wiring is correct. Two, the newly installed light fixture was on a dimmer which was working until the night before. I wasn’t sure it was installed correctly. I needed the wiring in the light switch checked and maybe the light installation. The appoint process was very easy. John arrived promptly the next day. He was very knowledgeable and reassured me that the wiring was not faulty. He efficiently replaced the dimmer switch and explained that some newer light fixtures don’t work with older switches. He was in and out and told a couples jokes to boot! I would definitely hire them again.

— Cynthia W.

I had a great feeling from the moment I first contacted Electrician Pros Jackson. John got back to me within minutes and he came over the next day to fix my trip-happy circuit breaker. He was punctual, transparent about pricing, and had an arrival window of only one hour (unlike the cable company, which makes you wait around all day). I sincerely appreciate his honesty: while I called to replace the circuit breaker, he noticed that the breaker was fine, but just loose. So he tightened it instead of replacing it, which saved me from having to buy a part. And, he’s a nice guy to boot. All around, a great experience! I’ve found my electrician for future needs.

— Dan R.

I called two Electrician companies prior to calling Electrician Pros Jackson. Neither of them were responsive. John from Electrician Pros was very responsive and came to my place on the same day. I was so relieved as there was no electricity in certain areas of my place, and he was able to fix it. Plus, He fixed a switch that had been bothering me for a while. John was fast. He immediately fixed the problems. He knows his stuff. I like that he’s willing to fix small problems as well. Also he is a very nice, down to earth person. I am so glad I found him. He will be my go to electrician from now on.

— Heather K.

We had a light fixture in the laundry room that just quit working; tried changing the bulb, checking the fuses, nothing. John was available the next day, showed up right on time, and diagnosed the problem right away (a faulty switch), changed it, gave us some advice about carbon monoxide alarms, and was done in about 15 minutes! I would definitely use him again for any electrical problems.

— Luke H.

I had a dead circuit. The electrician and his assistant were punctual and professional. They wore face masks and put on booties to protect the carpet. They were also efficient, completing the job in under an hour.

— Robert L.

First, I called them to come and see my office rental, I had to install some electrical structure. they suggested me the best possible way of electrical installation and did so. They also provided the parts and materials that were needed. Amazing electrical service.

— Kevin J.

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